Physical or political?

One of the first things you wonder when choosing a map.
We tell everything about is below, so that you can choose the map that suits you best.

The differences

First, let’s look at the differences between both types of maps. Where as political maps are often used for indicating countries or administrative areas, physical maps are used to indicate mountains and physical labels. For example, if you are looking for a map that displays the height in your area, then a pysical map is the most suitable. Ore are you looking for a map with all zipcodes than it’s better to choose for a political map.


Physical or political map types

It is therefore common that political maps usually display administrative data. This makes them very suitable for displaying zip codes, rayon’s, or provinces. olitical maps are often made up with different color cmbinations that each carry a meaning. A political map can also contain multiple elements such as roads, places, oceans and other elements related to the infrastructure.


Physical or political map types

Physical maps, in contrast to political maps, consists out of various elements wit color gradient so tat the relief of a relevant area becomes visile. These maps are very suitble for indicting mountains and thepositioning of other data around them. Physical maps also contain data that is applicable to the natural design of an area. Besides that physical maps can also contain extra information. An good example for this extra data can be places, lakes, rivers, oceans and peaks.

Have you been able to make a choice?
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