USA zip code maps

Zip code maps USA

We are proud to announce our new zip code maps of the United States of America. Completely in vector and also neatly layered for use in Adobe Illustrator.


All USA zip code maps are arranged based on the size and density of the zip code areas. Because of this we have made the choice to enrich the maps with three, four and sometimes even five digit areas. In addition to the most detailed information, we also have the two or three digit areas represented by color. In combination with the additional information from the places, roads and waters, this provides a clear and legible map.


All maps are available as Adobe Illustrator file (AI). This makes the images very suitable for use in every possible way. The images are also layered, which makes navigating within the layer panel in Illustrator a lot easier. All images are also available in other file formats. For a different file format you can contact us by mail or our live chat.

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