Business vision

History is founded by owner Daan Streefkerk. Daan is the inspiration and drive of our company’s vision to create easier access for graphic designers by creating accessible cartographic material. Since cartographic products are often processed into a GIS file (.shp, .gml, ect.) this produces the problem for the use in programs used by graphic designers. This created vector-map which is specialized in translating these complicated file formats in files (AI, EPS, PSD, etc.) that enables the use in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Office.

What do we provide?

Our company reduces the complexity between cartography and graphic to bring the worlds closer and make the impossible possible. To provide our service we founded a webshop were we sell products in graphical file formats which eliminates the costs of doing this yourself. Our webshop is constantly updated with new products to provide focused products for the needs of customers

Our product

The mission is to provide products that are as clear as possible for novice to experienced users. The only solution to provide this is by layering the files to enable the highest customization. This means that all our products have layers that consists of different objects (roads, water, rivers, etc). These layers can switched off or on to create the maps needed. If you want more information about working with our files click here.

Your interest

All our products are responsive to the demands of our customers. We would like to hear from you in which product you are interested. In other words, ‘if your product is not there, let us know’ so that we can extend our range. If you have a question here or on another topic, please contact us by using the reply form.

Frequently Asked

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