Product use

The mission of is simple and clear. Our focus is to bring cartographic and graphic design closer together to improve end products without difficult or expensive options. Vector- map makes this possible by our specialized personal which converts cartographic data into usable files for Adobe programs.

File formats

All our products are available in the following file formats;

– AI / EPS / PDF      (for use in Adobe illustrator)

– PSD / PSB            (for use in adobe photoshop)

– JPG                      (for each device and always included with every product)

-CSV                       (for use in Excel and only delivered with informative maps)


Vector or grid

All our products are available as a grid or a vector file. Not familiar with these concepts?

A vector file makes it possible to scale to the desired formats needed, this makes vector products popular in the design world. Our extra effort is that our vector products contain different layers which improves the ease of use for any user.

A raster file is built by a fixed number of pixels, which doesn’t make it scalable to a larger size than the original file. That is why we have decided to always display our raster images with the longest side at 119 cm. Another inconvenience with raster files is that colors are more difficult to adjust. If you want complete control over all the colors and designs of the objects within your maps, we recommend you to buy a vector file.



Vector files

Our vector files contain different layers. This means that objects and texts have their own layer which makes the image easier to customize. This enables the use in graphics packages such as Adobe Illustrator.

Raster files

Our stratification of the raster files is different compared with most competitors. Our raster files are layered so that texts can be customized.


Function of the product

The use of the products is different per user. As a company, our goal is to make the life of graphic designers easier by providing editable cartographic material. All our products are free of copyright to provide the user, the freedom of using the maps on websites, magazines and other products.

Frequently Asked

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