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The start of Vector-map

This article tells you our story. This is about why this company believes and started in the wonderful worlds of vector layered maps.

It all started with the brains in our company Daniel Streefkerk. He started a couple years back in the world of vector-layered files. At the moment he became familiar with the products he discovered some difficulties. One of these problems is for graphical designs. maps are used in articles, books, websites and for personal uses to transfer information about borders, roads, BNP, energy consumption and many many more.

Maps are made and developed in the cartography sector. This sector has other goals then graphic designers and use therefore other programs and spend less time in designs. This is the problem graphic designers struggle with. Poor designed maps, maps that aren’t compatible with graphic applications etc.

The start of a solution was set in motion. The data files needed to be translated to a usable file. You can guess if you are reading this that this succeeded. We at vector-map developed a unique translation to guarantee the best possible quality files. The maps could be edited in Adobe Programs and the requests of companies started to grow.

After years of development, we can offer quality products used by many companies. Our products are developed to be as easy as possible to customize. We decrease the high costs connected to translating and designing the maps yourself and partnered with various customers.

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February 4, 2019
Rutger Leeuwrik

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